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Faces, Eyes, and Voices: The Future of Security

In the ever-evolving landscape of security, traditional identification methods are being supplemented and, in some cases, replaced by more sophisticated technologies.  In this comprehensive exploration, we will take a look at various cutting-edge identification methods employed by access control security systems, shedding light on how they work and their implications for the future of safeguarding sensitive information. Facial Recognition Technology: Mapping Unique Features Facial recognition technology has become synonymous with

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Fortifying Your Business: Security Insights from Corporations

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, security stands as an essential pillar supporting success.  Global corporations, with their vast resources and expansive operations, have honed sophisticated security strategies over the decades to protect their employees, property, and sensitive data.  Small businesses can derive invaluable insights from these industry giants, tailoring their approaches to suit their scale and resources. This can help smaller businesses, which are more susceptible to daily

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security camera monitored by alarm moniting centre

How much does alarm monitoring cost in New Zealand?

What is alarm monitoring? Alarm monitoring is special communication between your home security system and your alarm monitoring provider. The control panel of your alarm system registers an emergency event – which could be an unauthorised entry, a fire or smoke alarm, or even a distress button – to the central monitoring station. How does alarm monitoring work? Typically, when your security alarm goes off, the response team at your

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Steps to improve your Home Security in Auckland

If you’ve recently moved to a new house, the first thing you need to check is whether the house is secured or not. Whether it has security alarm system installed or not, if the house has got alarm system then you and your family will safe and don’t have to worry even if you are not in your home. But if the house has no alarm systems installed, then you

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Wired vs Wireless Security Alarm Systems. Which is better?

Wireless Security System We are often asked, “Which is better?  A wired or wireless security alarm system?” Whether you want a security system for your home or business, the answer is easy – a wired security system is definitely better. Wired and Hybrid Security Alarm Systems A wired system is more reliable.  They offer a lower long term cost because the components don’t have batteries that need to be replaced, and

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