The Successful Locksmith

According to Competenz, one of New Zealand’s industry training organisations, locksmiths provide: “security for homes, businesses and other assets. Locksmiths secure premises and provide security advice as well as open jammed or broken locks, make replacement keys, unlock vehicles, buildings or safes and help law enforcement agencies with evictions, repossessions, search warrants and forensic investigations.” Competenz Sometimes locksmiths work a typical an eight-hour day; sometimes they work on shift work rosters,

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Locksmith working on a door

How to become a locksmith in New Zealand

What do locksmiths do? Locksmiths install, maintain, and replace locks, keys, safes, electronic locking devlives, and access control systems for residential and commercial building and vehicles. They may also install and maintain security systems. What do Locksmiths get paid? Locksmiths with one to three years’ experience usually earn somewhere between $18 to $25 per hour and qualified locksmiths with over three years of experience can earn anywhere between $25 – $29

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