[5] Of The Best Alarm Systems for your home and business in 2017!

Alarm Systems are essentials nowadays if you have a home or business. The number of theft and robbery hasn’t gone down it’s the opposite, it’s increasing day by day. and you can’t be at your home all the time looking after it cause we have more important work to do than just guarding your home. This is when Alarm Systems comes in handy for you. Installing an Alarm Security system for your home or business.

I’ve listed down below the 9 best alarm security systems you should consider choosing.

  1. Bosch: Bosch is considered by many security experts as the industry leaders in quality alarms. They are particularly strong in the residential market due to reliability and a reasonable component cost. Bosch is the go-to brand for many professional alarm installers in NZ.
  2. DSC: DSC has a quality range of detectors known as the Bravo series. These sensors utilise similar technology to the Bosch systems in terms of combining infrared and microwave detection systems to produce a highly sensitive, pet-proof system that greatly reduces false alarms.
  3. Paradox Security Systems: Paradox has been providing burglar alarms in NZ for over 20 years, and also offers CCTV camera systems. The company has most recently been focusing heavily on software development to accompany their products. Paradox has a high-quality range of motion detectors and sensors available for commercial or residential use. These products utilize pulse signal processing (a patented technology) to drastically reduce the number of false alarms, and automatic temperature compensation to ensure function over a wide thermal range.
  4. Micron: Micron products have been designed and manufactured in NZ for over 35 years, making them the number one local choice. Micron specialises in surveillance equipment, intercoms, medical emergency response equipment and a range of home security systems.  In terms of burglar alarms, Micron are right up with the leading international brands like Bosch and Paradox and DSC.
  5. Crow: The Crow Group designs and manufactures advanced security solutions for the worldwide integrated security market, and specialise in intrusion, access control and CCTV systems across residential, commercial and industrial markets. Crow offers a range of wireless detectors with their Freewave series, as well as glass break, shock detectors, and regular wall or ceiling mount detectors.
    If you looking for more information about alarm security systems, we recommend you contact Chubb Security on 0800 20 30 40 or visit their website www.security.chubb.co.nz. They are leaders in Security Systems in New Zealand.

Reference: http://www.securitysearch.co.nz/alarm-systems/brands-burglar-alarms-nz/

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