4 Brilliant Steps to Avoid Having your Safe Stolen

So you’ve gone to all the trouble of investing in a safe to protect your valuables at home. Peace of mind right? Nothing to worry about.

Unless of course, it wasn’t installed correctly, is easy to find – and can be removed with ease!

What can you do? 

Basically, a safe is buying you time, but what else can you do to prevent theft?

Of course, the key is to make it as difficult as possible to steal your valuables and the best way to do that, is to deploy a whole series of consequential delaying tactics. In so doing, you prolong the theft process and cost the thief precious time, that he or she can ill afford. Any obstacles that prevent easy access to your treasured possessions will extend that critical timeframe and could ultimately lead to the burglar being caught in the act.

Whatever can be done to slow down, hinder or deter a thief will most likely prevent your loss, as they will move to the next, easier and more accessible opportunity instead.

How to buy more time? 

1.  Secure your safe

Anchoring does just this. It buys time and prevents the safe with all your valuables in it from being taken. Essentially, it is the best way to ensure would-be burglars do not abscond with your safe and its contents.

2.  Use professional installers

If you want it done correctly and in a way that will prevent theft, engage the services of professionals and have your safe installed and secured by experts.

3.  Conceal your safe

Having a safe itself is a great delaying tactic, but what better way to thwart a thief than to hide or disguise your safe and make it difficult to find them in the first place.

4.  Use other security measures

Like a lot of solutions, a combination of deterrents is likely to be the most effective way to safeguard your treasures and stall thieves. None of these are replacements for a well anchored safe when it comes to securing your valuables, but in conjunction with high quality safe storage, they are more likely to deter potential break-ins.

Here are just a few suggestions to complement your safe:

4.1. Install a burglar alarm
4.2. Fit external motion sensor lighting
4.3. Set up Internal lighting on timers
4.4. Install CCTV
4.5. Train your dog to guard your house

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